Candelabras, Candle Tree

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Twilight Splendor Candelabra

Item: 10016835
Weight: lbs
The gorgeous metal candle stand features
frills that curl up around five
smoky glass candle cups.
26.5" Length x 3.5" Width x 11.2" Height
Iron and glass.
Candle not included.

Crystal Trimmed Candelabra

Item: 10038029
Weight: lbs
On Sale $38.95

Tall, elegant candleholder gets its glamour
from a crown of glittering crystals!

Metal with acrylic crystal beads.
10" diar x 17.8" high.
Tealights not included.

Ivory Candelabra

Item: 10039784
Weight: lbs

Dripping with glittering crystals,
graceful ivory curlicues
create a support for a trio of candles.

Metal and acrylic.
Candles not included.
16.2" x 5.1" x 14.5" high.

Leopard Lily Blossom Candle Tree

Item: 10001116
Weight: lbs
On Sale $51.95
Leopard Lily Blossom Candle Tree
Tall bouquet of six trumpet blossoms
surrounded by copper leaves and stems.
Reaching to over 30" tall,
Table top candelabra.
15" x 8" x 31.5" high.
Iron, glass and acrylic.
Candles not included.

Midnight Elegance Candelabra

Item: 10015105
Weight: lbs

The Midnight Elegance Candelabra is the perfect
centerpiece for a romantic table setting, combining
the shadowy glow of five candles behind tinted
glass and glamorous faceted baubles.

10.2" x 10.2" x 17.5" high.
Iron,glass,acrylic beads.

Silver Tulip Tree Candelabra

Weight: lbs
On sale $51.95
Silver Candelabra
with a quintet of tulip blooms.
12" x 5.5" x 24.8" high.
Iron, glass and acrylic.
Candles not included.

Bejeweled Candelabra

Item: 10014128
Weight: lbs
On Sale 38.95
Luminous bejeweled standing chandelier!
The perfect combination of elegance and opulence.
10" diameter x 17.8" high.
Iron and acrylic.
Tea light candles not included.

Antiqued Candelabra

Item: 10015540
Weight: lbs
On Sale $54.95
Antiqued Candelabra
This gorgeous candelabra is made from wrought iron and finished to look like a family heirloom.
The scrolling metalwork rises to hold three candle platforms, ready for your candles.
23.5" x 5.3" x 20.8" high.
Cast iron.
Candles not included.

Antiqued Iron 5 Candelabra

Item: 10015541
Weight: lbs
Antiqued Iron 5 Candelabra
Five candle seats are perched on top of scrolling wrought iron flourishes, finished with antiqued paint
to look like an old-world treasure. Place it on your
mantel or tabletop and light the candles of your choice.
24.6" x 9.1" x 14.2" high.
Cast Iron.
Candles not included.