Black Candle Lanterns

Showcase your favorite candle with these stunning Candle Lanterns.

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Black Lattice Lantern

Item: 10013365
Weight: lbs
Black Lattice Lantern Magical patterns haunt
the night, cast by the intricate panels of
this stunning Moroccan marketplace lantern.
Iron and glass.
Candle not included.
5" diameter x 12" high.

Arched Black Medallion Candle Lantern

Item: 10017082
Weight: lbs
Arched Black Medallion Candle Lantern
Beautiful black iron candle lantern.
The cutout medallion design is highlighted
by the arched glass panels that give a clear
view of this large lanterns interior.
Top hanging loop.
7.6" Length x 7.5" width x 18" Height
Candle not included
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Giant Black Medallion Lantern

Item: 13357
Weight: lbs
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Impressive in scale and elegant in  proportion,
this glossy jet-black  candle lantern adds drama
to any decor. 
Iron. Candle not included.
7" square x 25" high.

Turrent Candle Lantern

Item: 10015223
Weight: lbs
Moroccan night shine from the richly colored patterned glass of this magnificent candle lantern. Dark metal accented with decorative cutouts holds the exotic
glass of this tabletop lantern
4" x 4½" x 9 7/8" high;
11" high with ring at top.
Iron and glass.

Candle not included.

Black Colonial Candle Lamps

Item: 10014123
Black Colonial Candle Lamps
Colonial styling, modern matte black finish.
Six clear glass panels.
Weight 1 lb. Candle not included.
Iron and glass.
5" diameter x 9 1/2" high.

Watch Tower Candle Lantern

Item: 10015412
Weight: lbs
Watch Tower Candle Lantern
The black metal frame features a cupola with
an oversized hanging loop at top and classic
lighthouse-inspired accents.
Place the candle of your choice inside.
5" x 5" x 9" high.
Iron and glass. Candle not included.

Midnight Garden Candle Lantern

Item: 10013930
Weight: lbs
A glossy jet-black finish highlights every pretty
 curve and cutout of this six-panel lantern.
Utterly enchanting when filled with golden
candlelight, this hurricane style lamp is an
attractive accent even during the day!
Iron with glass. Candle not included.
5.75" x 5" x 9.75" high.

Circlet Candle Lantern

Item: 10015408
Weight: lbs
Features an antiqued pewter-like finish, clear
glass panels adorned with a classic circle design,
and cupola on top that has an oversized
hanging loop attached.
7.8" Length x 7" Width x 14.8" height
Iron and glass.
Candle not included

Carriage Style Candle Lantern

Item: 10001066
Weight: lbs
Carriage Style Candle Lantern
Simple Colonial lines.
Fill with a colorful pillar candle.
Metal ring at top for hanging.
4 1/4" square x 12" high.
Iron and glass. Candle not included

Black Manhattan Candle Lantern

Item: 10015428
Weight: lbs
Black Manhattan Candle Lantern
Four clear glass panels are set in a timeless yet
contemporary black metal frame with a hinged door.
Place on its base or hang it from the top loop.
5½" x 5" x 15" high.
Iron and glass.
Candle not included.